What can you really do with cranberries? Cranberry port sorbet!

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I got this idea from hunting around what can you do with cranberries besides make sauce or jam. I don’t have an icecream maker and remembered reading somewhere you can use frozen cookie sheets and it works just as well. So I improvised.

Ingredients: fresh cranberrys, sugar, water, port, lemon zest and not pictured vanilla. Pop a few cookie sheets into the freezer and make room in your freezer so they can fit in.

Boil the mixture down until berries pop and mixture becomes more gelatin. After letting the mixture sit to cool, next pour in blender to smooth out. I used food processor setting. After blender, strain to rid of seeds, and remaining skins.  Fill strainer will mixture a little at a time, as strainer will get plugged from skins and seeds. Ladle onto frozen cookie sheets and freeze. After a bit of time, break up the mixture and refreeze. Repeat if you like, depending on how cold your freezer is. You can do this with any fruit really.

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