Delicious dark chocolate cake

I don’t take credit for original invention here, as I don’t consider myself a baker, so I usually tend to follow a recipe. But admittedly as usual, I went out of the lines… The original recipe is from Cook’s Illustrated, best chocolate moist cake. My variation used mexican vanilla, scharfenbergers cocoa, Belgium chocolate bar, cocoa coffee, aged balsamic syrup just a few of the special add-ins to this “cooks” chocolate cake wonder- divine dark chocolate cake topped with balsamic glaze (aged balsamic from a wine club) and strawberries in balsamic. This is only the second cake I’ve made from scratch. I brought it to a dinner party and then over to my friends the next day, and then another friend had a piece after we had dinner together. And then there was 2 more pieces to enjoy with another friend, the following Sunday. This cake had an amazing shelf-life and was just as good day 6 as it was day 1 with or without the strawberries!

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