When you don’t have a plan- sundried tomato lobster delivers

Last minute toss together. Seriously had no idea what I was going to cook after being at it all day working on a website and as I started to raid the kitchen, I remember I had bought (randomly) some langostino lobster tails while at Costco (you know how those things somehow get in your cart). So I thought can I pair what I have and will it taste ok? I went for it and got some fantastic results! Risotto, shallots, olive oil, butter, chicken broth, cooking wine (eeks but that was ok with…) brandy, langostino lobster tails (quickly dethawed and sautéed in olive oil garlic and brandy) and chopped sundried tomatoes. Not bad for having no idea what I was cooking this evening. A few friends came over and we paired it with a lovely Gewürztraminer (another random because I usually never drink that, but it was a lovely gift from a friend) which went excellent with the meal and then later another friend joined and we had a lovely bottle of cabernet sauvignon and some dark chocolate to finish off the risotto and the wine. Beautiful evening!


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