Lemon sour cream almond pancakes/waffles

I woke up this morning thinking it’s a rainy day, perfect reason to cook. Craving something sweet and hearty. Going through in my mind what was in the kitchen, I started googling ideas, was my idea possible. Lemons (lots of them) sourcream and almonds. I’d made lemon cottage cheese pancakes before (will post later). So as usual I wanted to work with what was in my kitchen. I also wanted to toss in some almonds. Well, because I had some and I thought it might make it interesting. Mouth watering, I gathered my ingredients and played around with what I could come up with. Of note, I really wanted them to be lemony.

These are the best tasting pancakes I’ve made yet, they don’t need syrup and you could literally snack on them in front of the tv all day long and watch a movie (my plan for the day). They are almost “fritter” like in texture. Very dense and you can taste the lemon in every bit. In my cooking attempts I unsuccessfully once again tried the waffle iron. It’s so cute, but I’ve yet to master it’s use. Maybe it’s time to google that and read the instructions…

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