Missing ketchup or mustard for your burger- avocados, olive oil, balsamic… to the rescue

I’m on the road to socal and enjoying my beautiful trip. Nothing like a roadtrip to clear your mind and also inspire you. While I take no credit for the lovely feast of burgers and salad my lovely hosts prepared, I was able to add a bit of help to the mix. We realized after the burgers were ready to go, that we were missing burger sauce- ie: ketchup, mustard, or steak sauce. My dear friends are true Californians and had a bunch of avocados on hand. Now not being an avocado person I thought, hmm wonder how I can utilize the avocado consistency and flavor it up to maybe resemble a steak sauce. I’m a midwest girl, so A-1 is always the burger sauce of choice for me.

Being foodies, my lovely hosts had a delicious garlic infused olive oil and aged balsamic on hand. Well there you have it. A little mash of the avocados with a big splash of balsamic and olive oil, sea salt and crushed pepper. Mix to taste, and you have a very easy substitute for the ordinary ketchup/mustard/A-1 flavor enhancer. If you’re olive oil is not infused with garlic, add some. And then try some other ideas, with spices, etc.

Credit to my lovely hosts for a wonderful evening of gorgeous, gourmet grillin’ giving Unami Burger and Roam (favs in SF) a true run for their money! Summer is coming… thinking out of the box for those grilling nights makes it even more fun and makes those burgers extraordinary!

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