Boozy fruit filling for kolaches (photos)- Heritage Love part 2

The photos that weren’t showing up in my last post… here they are!

Boozy Fruit Filling…
I cannot tell you how to start off the boozy fruit, but I’m sure you can find hundreds of postings online how to do it. My friends method took a few days start to finish, and there’s rules about not wanting them to spoil and proper storage. I’m not a jarring kind of person, but she did one hell of a job! Her fruit was POTENT. Now my task was to transform it into tasty filling. I did each jar and flavor individually. Knowing the alcohol would naturally cook down, I decided to pull out that big ole bottle of brandy in my cabinet that I rarely use and put it to good use. My other items: lemon, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and water. Let the mixology begin! Of note, I ran OUT of boozy fruit so I made my own from scratch. Not as boozy but pretty darn good starting with apples…

I admit I am very generous with the brandy. I started out with equal water to sugar and experimented tasting from there.

Of  note, the boozy fruit juice left over, makes a nice cocktail… more on that later! Stay tuned for part 3 of Heritage Love= the kolache project.



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