One can of pineapple transforms- pizza that sizzles and dessert that satisfies

I love pizza. There I said it. I admit it. I could eat it often. But I don’t because well we all know the reasons why- it’s not healthy or good for you to do that. And I’ve rarely like “order-in” pizza- with the exception of Paxties in SF- but that’s expensive and takes a while to arrive to you. Given a choice between ordering in or making my own frozen pizza, I choose the latter, because I never just pop it in the oven. I’m an expert of taking a frozen pizza that typically has very little taste or flavor and jazzing it up to the tune of yum. I find that delivery pizza never has enough toppings or is quite the way I want it to be. I take control of my za and add some pizzazz. Seems pretty basic but makes a huge difference! Today I was craving pineapple pizza. Yes it’s true, delivery pizza never has enough pineapple on it. Or tomatoes. Or onions… This pizza is simple taking tjoes basic pie. Spread a thin layer of olive oil across it, slice cherry tomatoes, and then of course as many pineapples and onions as you like. I also add sea salt on top (not much), pepper and basil. Because you add the olive oil when the pizza comes out of the oven, it sizzles… The olive oil changes the texture, into almost a fresh homemade pizza. Try it, you’ll see! It will make you think twice about ordering in and you’ll always have a pizza in the freezer on hand, for days like this when you are tired, lazy or just need some easy comfort food. Of note, I think a pizza stone is essential! I swear by mine and have had it for too many years to count. Pizza just cooks and tastes better off of a pizza stone.

The last pizza example I have a photo of is one previously I did with tjoes chicken sausage – spinach, fontina & roasted garlic. Same pizza base, just different toppings. Endless options with this pizza!

For dessert (yes this is a total comfort evening of food) I took some cherry jello and with the remaining pineapple, added it to the jello and instead of using cold water for the jello mix (1 cup hot, 1 cup cold) replaced it with the pineapple juice. Of note, the pineapple I used wasn’t sweetened. I haven’t had jello in a while and this always reminds me of being, well, much younger! But anyway, it sure does taste good. Better than the kind you get already made in the store.

There you have it. One can of pineapple simply maximized and a customized not homemade meal of fun. But warning, the pizza tastes so good (remember I mentioned it sizzles with flavor) that you might defeat the purpose of ordering in. I might just be eating all of this pizza myself… oh well!

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