mayo-less egg salad with sundried tomatoes and olives

I’m going on a trip and that means I haven’t grocery shopped for a few weeks. That also means the fridge is getting into a desperate state. As non-waster, that also means that whatever is left is going to be eaten before my trip, or it’s heading to the trash. Egg salad. I love it and I rarely find someone that makes it how I like it. I don’t like mayo which is pretty standard in egg salad. And I’ve never mastered boiling the eggs- until now. For the hard boiled eggs I filled the pot to the top with warm water and salt and placed the eggs in to boil. Right when they hit boil, I took the pan off the heat covered it and let it sit for at least 10 minutes then put the eggs back into the pot in cold water. I have never made eggs that were a more perfect yellow yolk! However, peeling the eggs was another story, but I cracked then on the side bottom where there is an I guess air gap, so they were easier to peel. My eggs were not perfect when I peeled them, but they cooked perfectly! You can’t have it all sometimes.

So no mayo in my egg salad means I need to find a substitute that will hold the salad together nicely and taste good. Two things I put in make this egg salad even easier and required no additional flavor. Sundried tomatoes in their oil and olive tapenade (of course you could just use olives, but I had some so used it). I had to play around with adding more of both to achieve the taste I wanted. This egg salad was easy and super tasty. Sometimes cheating isn’t so bad. Thank goodness for tjoes that keeps my fridge stocked with things that can work magic when I’m out of just about everything else! Of note, I think mustard of some sort would also work well with egg salad.

Flatbread (wheat) is a staple in my house. I’ve been doing this trick for years, cut and toast in the toaster, use olive oil on both sides and either sea salt and pepper, or in this case lemon pepper.  Perfect tasty compliment to soups, and of course egg salad.

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