Back from vacation into the kitchen, easy like sunday morning… sausage sautee

I’m back from my amazing heritage trip- of which I will share later how I ate my way through both Poland and Czech Republic in separate posts- and back in the kitchen.

I’m feeling really lazy since I’ve been back so today I wanted to make something easy and that would remind me about my trip.

Thinking about the sausage and kielbasa I had in both countries and potatoes… decided to take the TJoes apple chardonay sausage (a staple in my fridge), mixed potatoes, onions and grape tomatoes and sautee some flavor away!

Super easy to do, just takes some time to ensure the potatoes are cooked. Since I was hungry it needed to be fast, so covered the pan with a lid for ten minutes or so… and done. The thing I love about this easy dish is that the flavor is insane, with some generous sea salt and black pepper and olive oil, all the flavors combust together very well!

And yes, it’s sunday, so why not pair it with a little cava to accentuate some of the bite. Easy like Sunday morning…

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