Pistachio chicken warms the heart….dinner without a plan

I’m really behind on my blogging here, but I’ve been super busy. As I’m cooking I’m capturing photos, but not remembering a lot of the details but here’s what I can remember and it’s totally worth whatever I can remember because it was yummy! That phrase a picture is worth a thousand words is my motto for cooking!

A few weeks ago, I got home from work and was having a friend over, feeling like cooking but unsure of what to make with no plan, when I remembered I had pistachios that could be an option and some chicken that was dethawing. Pistachio chicken was something I tried during the short time I was on the south beach diet eonsĀ ago… which really reminded me how to eat and how food affected my energy level. So I hunted around online and used a combination of a few recipes given what I had to work with and as usual played with what I had versus a recipe and created my own version.

After dethawing the chicken I quickly treated it (poking chicken with a fork on both sides) with the usual olive oil, sea salt and pepper and added lemon pepper for extra taste. Letting that sit, I had my friend join me in shelling pistachios. Once we were done and shelled about 2 cups, I added them to the food processor along with garlic powder and paprika, processing toĀ chop them pretty finely. I didn’t want a powder, but I didn’t want that chunky feeling either.

Once processed to my liking, IĀ took the mixture and coated the chicken on both sides several times ensuring no gaps, and then placed them on a small rack placed inside of a pan. I cooked at 425 for 20 min andĀ monitoredĀ it, ensuring the pistachios didn’t burn and the chicken cooked evenly to the usual juicy result. Remembering I think it was around 30 minutes but one breast was significantly larger than the other so I pulled one and continued to cook the other a bit longer. Pistachios cooked perfectly onto the chicken.

For the green beans super simple trick I do often. Tjoes frozen green beans coated with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt and pepper. Microwave. 3 minutes. Toss to taste. That simple. And good.

The result looks like I put a lot more time into it than I did, and since I didn’t plan to make it until I got home from work that evening… this shows you how easy it is to make.Ā Hence dinner without a plan. Have pistachios, and chicken? You have most of what you need.

Bonus that the two breast together made a heart…coincidence? I think not. And of course the dish goes great with red wine (your choice).

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