Holy fish! Caribbean cayenne mahi and lemon almond kale

A game play delay resulted in a dinner unexpected a few days later…

Planning to cook on a Friday when last minute plan changes came up, resulted in prepping the fish and then letting it sit for a few days. Mahi was prepared with olive oil and topped with a blend of “magical” Caribbean spice mix (ala St Thomas) garlic, lemon and cayenne pepper. Unsure of how it would taste or what happens to fish after a couple of days I was hesitant to cook it- but decided what the heck.

Holy fish! To my delightful surprise- the fish cooked slowly at 375 for 15 min and then 425 for another 5 then 3 minutes- was incredibly flakey and the  fish on the inside tasted completely different (fresh) on the outside (nicely spicy)… Goodness!

For the kale I kept it simple but so tasty! Easy olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper and then dropped in some sliced almonds towards the end.

Together the power of the lemon, the freshness taste of the fish with the kick- holy fish. Super easy tasty and probably only needed a few hours to marinate to get the same results.





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