what to do to not waste and enjoy your veggies- hot and sour crockpot soup

When I thought about this post it was inspired by a few things. First, I confess, I have a major issue of buying too much food. Think it’s the history of being in a family of 7 (5 kids)… I don’t know how to think to buy for less than a family of 4, so usually this faces the ultimate frustration of food going to waste, which I very much dislike. Given the nature of living in SF and the options that always seem to come up inside and outside of the city, my plans of high expectations of cooking, often do not come to fruition.

Soooo getting up this morning and realizing that I am heading out for the entire weekend and next week I’m out a few days for business, I began to think about the food I was going to throw away… and said, no, not again! What’s the easiest thing in the world to make that requires less than an hour of effort and hours of wait and see, test and taste? Crockpot soup. And thank goodness for TJoes as it makes things easy for me.

I also thought about the upcoming next weekend in SF with the Giants in the World Series and how much game watching would result in likely choosing options that were not the most healthiest complimented by bevvies in going out to various establishments in the city… so maybe planning for a nite or so in to watch with some soup was a good preparation solution! And of course there is the freeze factor. Whatever you don’t eat, you can freeze for that rainy, cold day sure to come soon.

Basically used everything left in the fridge that could be included and a few other “finds” to kick it up a notch. Decided to not put chicken in it, and just use what was around and available, now. Talk about instant gratification. Chop up the veggies, prepare the stock (Tjoes instant broth rocks 12 packs/12cups of water- boom you are done!), add some spices and then the final add was chopped sweet italian chicken sausage (Tjoes). I decided also to not add noodles to it, since every one I know these days is gluten-free or watching something to keep off their plate.

Carrots, kale, squash, red pepper, baby sweet tomatoes, roma tomatoes, scallions, fresh lemon juice, garlic, salt/pepper, spanish olive oil, basil, lemon pepper and a little spice with some new orleans hot sauce to balance the lemon. Taste and add more. No recipe needed. Of course employ your barometer for kick. Mine is pretty low but anticipate some guests might add a dash or two of hotness!

The end result was a pleasant surprise as it continues to evolve in flavor. Reminiscent of a hot and sour soup to an extent (lemon and hot sauce combo) but robust with other flavors and not overdone on the “hot”. All kinds of healthy love going on here for your heart and your stomach.




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