orange liqueur olive oil pound cake with pomegranate glaze

The main inspiration on this one was a special gift for a dear friend’s birthday- the ideas started flowing remembering  a rum cake the previous week at another good friend’s party (could I do it without a bundt cake pan and with another liqueur and get similar results?), having access to a very old bottle of orange liqueur that Michael had around for years, and a pomegranate from the farmers market weeks ago.

This cake isn’t for the little ones.

Once I made cake the first time and felt I had it down, I made the cake again for Christmas and this time changed the portions of the orange liquor adding more (from 1/2 cup to 1 cup). Results similar- however the cake was even more dense and delicious. And the second time I a different topping as an option of blueberry and pomegranate agave sauce, and today I’m thinking I’m going to put the left over cranberry sauce on it for a morning snack!


 Since the cake is “plain” you can top it however you want and have some fun with it!

Bam! Just beautiful.



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