avocado potatoe chicken cream soup using homemade chicken broth remains

As you probably already know, I hate to waste food. I find that this is something I’m always struggling with as I am a shopper. And while now I’m shopping for two, I still grocery shop like I’m buying for a family of five. So with that, I over buy all the time. Earlier in the week I had made chicken stock from scratch. As I hate to waste I made sure to find a way to use the chicken and vegetables that were really bi-products of the stock. I also bought avocados, something I also never do, but determined to eat healthy, I thought why not, let’s see what we can do to make them likeable for me.

My inspiration was not wasting remains of the stock recipe, the random avocado purchase, and the rain. We are finally getting some major rain, and that makes me want to nestle in by the fireplace, or cook up a storm in the kitchen, and that always means warm comforting foods.

I also had some potatoes lying around from Christmas. Ok, let’s go and create our own new thing…

Processor required to process the carrot/celery/onion mixture, the avocado mixture, and of course the potatoes, for you to get the best creamy consistency. Garlic was used. Honestly there’s rarely a meal I cook that doesn’t have garlic in it these days!

Of note, not in a photo is boiling the potatoes until the red skins fell off (more or less, I have a horrible peeler, so I had to make do this time). Once those were done they were easy to mash with a spatula with a little half/half. I kept adding the broth into the avocado mixture to get it creamy and also the carrot/onion/celery mixture was added as well. I used about 2 cups of the broth in the soup. The chicken flavor plus the seasoned spices I think really adds that extra flavor to the soup.

After all the avocado and vege mixture were added in slowly to the creamy potatoe, half/half, I finished up the half/half and then added the chicken, added some more pepper and then topped it off with some nutmeg for some extra depth.

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