bone stock does your body good

I’d been hearing the raves of the benefits of bone broth lately (google it there’s a lot out there on the topic!) and since my NY16 focus is to do my best to eat more healthy and fresh, I thought this was a good way to get that commitment into reality.

Not hard at all- easy peasy on the effort scale. I used an organic chicken, fresh ginger slices, apple cider vinegar, carrots, celery, onions, bay leaves, garlic, thyme, and pepper (note no salt). Cooked on high for 12 hours but around 2 hours took the chicken out and got the meat off and popped the bones in. Of course as usual while it was cooking away on low heat- I added more spices, garlic, but still no salt. I used a crockpot, but recently a co-worker shared with me a pressure cooker would make the process much faster… so I’m considering another appliance (we have two crockpots already!). I have to admit, I used to feel a crockpot was cheating, but I’m over that. I really enjoy food that takes a long time to cook, so I’m not sure I’m ready for a pressure cooker yet! Thinking…

I repurposed both the chicken meat and the veggies and used in two other dishes later- avocado potatoe chicken soup (my next posting) and chicken turkey chili (a slight rendition off “not your mamas chili”). And of course I used my broth in my soup as well, instead of having to rely on the concentrated broths I usually use. I like those for convenience (as opposed to bulky containers), but really the problem is the high salt, and when you make your own it tastes so much better! It’s worth the work and wait.

Once my broth was done (make sure to skim the top for the floaty goop), I finally bought some glass mason Ball jars (the ones you can freeze) so I can start freezing things in glass, instead of plastic- another healthy factor as it’s safer to pop into the microwave to reheat in glass than plastic. They are so convenient and easy to store in the freezer or in the fridge and portion out to about 2 cups- have a cup now and a cup later- or all at once.

I’ve been sipping away my broth all week and while I was skeptical at first how good it would be- I am really enjoying it and pop some kale or parsley in or just drink it like I would my coffee. Good way to use that travel mug if you are trying to watch the caffeine intake like I’ve been. The best part about the broth besides the health benefits is that you don’t have to use salt and it warms you up any time of day when you feel that winter chill coming on.

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