For this, I did look at lot of recipes and then forged my own ideas. Nothing in particular caught my eye. My inspiration was cottage cheese that was around, fresh bone broth I just made (providing shredding chicken) and I just wanted to make lasagna with chicken (again all this rain!). The last time I made lasagna was a few years ago and I used turkey. I also wanted to try those “no boil” noodles, which are really great! And I think so much easier to use than the boil noodles. Less error, better long-term taste (if freezing) as the noodles stay al dente versus al floppy. No way is this low fat, but I didn’t care. I figured using cottage cheese and chicken was far healthy enough. I don’t talk that much about making sauce, but I can make pasta/tomatoe sauce, like chili with my eyes closed at this point. How did I make this sauce- I forgot to capture it. Basically fresh basil, garlic, italian spices, chicken, tomatoe sauce, tomato paste, broth, balsamic, onions, etc. Lasagna is a lot of work, but worth it!


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