let a bundt cake do the talkin’

Recipe inspiration came from “Two Peas and Their Pod” when researching homemade chocolate bundt cake and yes the commercial jingle I’ve know since childhood inspired me as well (“a bundt cake says nice going and I’ve been thinking of you, but more than any other thing, a bundt cake says I love you!”). I adapted my cake with what I had around and the taste I wanted to achieve. My other inspiration was a new bundt pan from my sister for Christmas and the want to make a nice chocolate cake for my love’s birthday. Cakes are not that hard to make. You just don’t need all those chemicals you get with a boxed cake anymore. And the taste is so much better!  Albeit I am still learning the convection oven, so I watch and time things very closely and carefully. I’m a bit obsessive about waiting around in the kitchen to see what’s happening. But I’m finding shaving off 8-15 minutes and maybe lower temp 25 degrees is usually what’s happening to get the best results. Still learning!


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