turkey meatloaf with kickin’ sauce 

My inspiration. Rain again. Wanting to make meatloaf since I realized last time around was two years ago. Sour dough bread around. Kickin’ sauce still available… Why not turkey loaf with kickin’ sauce? Of note, I’m not a fan of ketchup so using my own sauce instead is the plan. And since your own sauce is so easy to make, it makes me just not want to deal with ketchup anymore. Plus there’s no chemicals in my ketchup or sugar.

I admit it, I cook with as little beef as necessary. But turkey can be, well, bland. So I’m always whipping up new ways to make it beefs BFF. For my turkey loaf a few extras – olive oil, carrots, zucchini and onion sauteed (credit to my boyfriend for throwing the zucchini into the pan to my surprise!) and my kickin’ sauce. I mixed the kickin’ sauce into the meat and then also atop the loaf in the oven, midway cooking for a refresh and more on the side when served. Yes the kickin’ sauce just works! For the bread crumbs, only homemade will do for me… so I toasted the sour dough then processed. To the loaf mixture I also added a swig or two of worcestershire and two eggs. Salt and pepper as always to taste.

Baked at 400 for about 45 min (convection oven) after 20 min add some more kickin sauce – it bakes in.

This turkey meatloaf was divine and didn’t last as long as you would think. And my boyfriend complimented the dish with a clever creation from leftover chinese takeout for veges.


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