dark cocoa brownies

Recipe from Alton Brown. They are amazing! If you like dark chocolate you MUST make these! I made them for our SB50 party and then again for Easter.  Comments include “they are sooo dark” (they look almost blue!), “you can only eat just one” (they are so rich) and my personal fav “those brownies are insane!” (because they are so good)!

Of course you can do variations on this, as I did for easter, popping in some dark chocolate fudge I had around… and the list goes on (a dash of this or that, melt down some dark chocolate, add some toasted almonds… liquor…)

For baking them, I still have a watchful eye on the convection ovens checking periodically.  325 for 45min- in the convection oven 30-35 is long enough (still testing how long things take).

When they come out of the oven, yes I will confess, I take the butter stick and spread generously. It makes a difference. Because butter is just better sometimes.

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