risotto, beer, broth and bok choy

Because we still have SB beers around, my broth needs a purpose, and the bok choy needed to be used and I was craving risotto. Yes I know Bud Light probably isn’t the best option. Next time we’ll try Stella…  I can make risotto with my eyes closed I’ve made it so many different ways (except with mushrooms – off my list) and I really love risotto, so it’s fun to find other ways to cook it and make it. I’ve used wine, brandy and now beer as liquifiers. All work well! Bok choy was a new try as well. I’ve used tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, langostina, pumpkin (it was truly legendary, but then I couldn’t repeat it again!) and more that I can’t recall right now. I just think there’s no better therapy than forcing yourself to stand and stir for a long period of time with of course a glass of vino in hand. A great way to end your day on a high note.


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