the real breakfast of champions- Vitamix smoothies

I’m obsessed with the Vitamix we’ve now had in our kitchen I think one month or so that we were easily sold on during the usual trip to Costco (how stuff gets into the basket and makes it home, I’ll never know). I’m a professional blow-out blender girl (kitchenaid, cuisinart, black-n-decker) so I’ve been dreaming of having the ultimate blending unit for a long, long time. It’s amazing! But what I really love about it is it’s another forcing function to keep me on track of my commitment to be healthier. That means eat your greens girl! Freshness =not bottled up in a jar or processed. And fun! You can do whatever you want no limits.

Knowing that it is nearly impossible to injure this machine liberates the creativity even more. I used to live I fear every time I’d power on the blender pushing it beyond its capabilities- in this case, I think I can, couldn’t!

So let’s start with smoothies. Breakfast of champions I say! With the smoothie setting these are an absolute dream to make. Greens, fruits, ginger, yogurt, juices combine to make your body say good morning sunshine! You just feel better knowing that you are doing that one good thing for yourself everyday (or try for most days of the week). Just do it. You won’t regret it. Now I’m going to patiently wait and see if I see results like glowing skin. I’m hoping this isn’t an urban legend. But one thing is for sure I do not eat nearly enough greens and fruits. This is just an easier way in- regardless of if I see results or not- my body will love me for it.

I also signed up for a “farm fresh to you” box delivered to our door bi-weekly so I’m forced to eat more fresh food and also encouraged to mix it up. No doubt eating healthy can feel like a rut and not be fun, so having lots of options is important. As you can imagine, my first box this week had none other than… kale.

Smoothie combos I’ve made since the purchase… more to come!

  • immuno blast- tjoes berry power juice, frozen berries, banana, orange juice, ginger (this was my life saver after spending a week in Vegas – ugh that smoke gets into your lungs and wipes you out!)
  • green goodness- grapefruit juice, kale, carrots, pineapple, orange slice, ginger
  • green one – tjoes berry power juice, kale, pineapple, orange slice, pomegranate
  • berrilicious- tjoes berry power juice, yogurt, frozen berries, carrots, spinach/parsley, ginger

What are you doing with your Vitamix? Love to hear your concoctions! And if you don’t have one, trust me I know it is pricey, but when if you can get one, it’s a purchase you won’t regret and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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