it’s been a short while… two+ years

Gosh my goals when I started this blog in 2014, was to just try to keep up. Maybe post one blog a week, or two… Sigh, I realize my last post was April 2016.

Fast forward to over two years later… it’s been busy! As I updated in the About section, since that time, we were engaged (quite magically in Portugal) in July 2016, were married a few months later in Pacific Grove (another fairy tale experience) September 2016, had a whole bunch of super hard life stuff happen the next year and a half (well and for a while after that), got pregnant in June of 2017 and then January 31, 2018 had a baby girl. Um ok, that alone is a big WHEW! Icing on the cake, just at the end of the pregnancy, extremely frustrated with the city time schedule for our plans to build a dream addition onto the house we thought we would plan to raise our daughter in, you know, with the lovely kitchen we renovated in 2015, we decided this was a big sign and opportunity to uproot ourselves and move out of the Bay Area to Reno, Nevada for a big positive life change. Well let’s be honest we had MANY life changes in a short amount of time. Time to breath…

Anyway, I tried to keep up with SOME cooking and blogging, but nothing like I had been doing.

The great news is that we LOVE Reno and are super excited to be here. In many ways I feel like we tapped into a secret that SHHHH it’s too good to be true, and for real, most people that either don’t live here or don’t experience the actual area (outside of just downtown which does have a lot to offer, but wait there’s more…), would never guess how fabulous Reno, and surrounding areas, are. Since we traded hectic Bay Area lives along with a smaller high value house, we also have a much bigger house, and lots of space (what a concept space is, never really having much space in my life and being quite used to it!) especially in the kitchen! In the new house, the countertop is about as big if not bigger than most of the kitchens I had been cooking in for many, many years. Very exciting, as I can vision many cooking adventures happening on that counter as our little girl grows up.

In the meantime, I have been publishing content and cooking adventures on my Facebook page, so I invite you to follow along there, as I get this website cleaned up and organized. Most recently the introduction and learning curve of the Instant Pot! Whoever would have thought I would go there… but it makes perfect sense in my life now. Shave time, to spend more time with my baby girl.

Now that our little one is 9 months old, I have more time to focus on projects that I love. One being this website. With that, two, this being a place I can share with my daughter (and whoever else is interested) my passions in life. And maybe three, when I can, integrate real stuff about my experience as a first time mom at 49 years old as I think that could be helpful to others on this journey.

With a new perspective on how I want to live my life and how I want my daughter to see life, as she does everyday with this shiny lens of openness, I imagine this website and content will only improve.

Thanks for stopping by!

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