Meet your New Pampered Chef Consultant Connection

I don’t know about you, but I love new tools in the kitchen. Tools that make the kitchen more fun and let’s be honest, easier. So when I recently attended a Pampered Chef party, virtual via Facebook Groups, I was intrigued. I literally had just spoken to my husband a handful of days earlier that I needed a few things, specifically a stock pot (large at least 9qt) and a new dutch oven. My kitchen cookware primarily is Le Creuset which I absolutely love. But it’s not the most practical sometimes. So I’m open to new items that can supplement what I have and build upon them. I have these All Clad pans we invested in as well, and let’s just say I wish I would have went a different direction. My husband can’t stand them, and since he is the main egg, Sunday chef in our home, he broke down and got some new ones at Costco. I gasped. Actually they are good quality but I’m not convinced they are for very long term. So we have a blend of stuff. Some I love, some not so much.

When I saw this pot at the Pampered Chef party, I thought, oh my gosh, that is the pot I never could have imagined that I want and fits all my needs. It’s a very functional 9quart stock pot with a collapsable steamer, glass lid with pour spout and can go into the oven up to 480 degrees. Bammmm. I ordered that, a stackable two tier cooling rack, and a scraper. Ok the scraper was totally inspired by watching Michael Symon’s #symondinners live videos on Facebook. I can’t wait to get it!

With our sweet little girl. She loves being in the kitchen and is a big part of our daily kitchen experience.

Perusing around the site, I was reminded of the three, yes three, Pampered Chef products I look have that I bought from a party in 2007, that to this day I still use. Even with their flaws, meaning our daughter threw the chopper on the floor and cracked it, but it still works, and the pizza stone, dang have I abused that thing- they are still the most used and loved tools in my kitchen. Fortunately the salad mixer is perfection, and when I’m not making a dressing or a sauce in it, my daughter has figured out a way to make bubbles with it. That’s a win/win when I’m cranking in the kitchen! These three products have stood not only the test of time, but a toddler and too many moves to count. With this in mind, I looked through the site and saw many things I would like today. Back in 2007 I was single and attended the party with many of my married mom friends, I wasn’t home much, so I didn’t see a huge need for a lot of kitchen supplies. Flash forward to now, I’m the married mom, who is always looking to make the most of my kitchen time. Give me all the kitchen helpers!

Circa 2007, the chopper, pizza stone and salad mixer,
all in use still today.

A lightbulb went on in my head. Aha! This could be my new thing. I love to cook and share, I need to update many of our kitchen tools, and I also want to set myself up to do something that I believe in and love. My passion for cooking has been a journey of labor and love. Self-taught, yet inspired by watching my grandmother as a child, I have been experimenting successfully in the kitchen well before becoming a wife and a mom. Now, as a stay at home mom, our daughter is a big part of our everyday cooking experiences. She’s right there in with us, asking questions, wanting in on the fun. Truth be told, she has more fun in the real kitchen than with her play kitchen! I genuinely love that she will grow up knowing and enjoying the kitchen. There is no better way to learn than by example.

I love to cook and share, I need to update many of our kitchen tools, and I also want to set myself up to do something that I believe in and love.

As a marketing professional with a long career in business, I appreciate a good brand. It’s easy for me to stand behind Pampered Chef, because I believe and trust the brand. After years of watching friends be successful with their own businesses, I thought now is the right time for me to jump in and give it a shot. I decided to become a Pampered Chef consultant during the height of the cooking at home craze that is bringing families to the table more than ever, and I know this has created an opportunity for people around the world to get more creative in the kitchen. I’m super excited to start this journey and look forward to learning and growing in the kitchen, and inspiring others to find JOY in the kitchen again and have fun!

I’m here and ready to support you in creating more
JOY in your kitchen, where ever you are!

Parties today are supported by backend technology thank goodness. As the party host, you really just have to show up, comment, and join in on the fun, and in the end reap the benefits of the products in reward with discounts, promotions and gifts. Your consultant, which would be me, does all the work for you. A virtual party is light on your time, and has no cost to you, except the time it takes to put together an invite list and to support your party in good fun.

If you are looking to throw a Pampered Chef party virtually for now, or someday in the near future, in person again, with your friends and family, please contact me. I’d love to support you in your own cooking journey with the most functional well-made kitchen products, that someday you will too be able to talk about with that feeling of it makes my life easier to use it.

Let’s bring the JOY back into the kitchen together!

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