Let’s Get Real in the Kitchen…

Well what a journey the past few weeks has been for me! Without even a hesitant thought, I jumped in to become a Pampered Chef Independent Consultant as a way to be able to marry something I love, the kitchen, with a balance for both me and my family to have something for myself.

For years I’ve been sharing my journey with the “world” by putting my cooking experiences out there in photos and text, to shape a story. For the first time in the past weeks, I have taken the next step and actually “produced” videos in my own kitchen.

One thing that I love about cooking is that it is a real experience.

Unlike many cooking shows online/tv, our kitchen time is not edited or canned. It’s unique, sometimes crazy and messy. I have never been able to find that element on a show that I watch- with the exception of what inspired me timing-wise to do this, Michael Symon’s live cooking daily during the main SIP period. Realizing this was seriously missing in our daily consumption of cooking content, I created one myself, the life of a mom with a toddler in the kitchen. It’s as real as it gets.

fullsizeoutput_198caUpon receiving my Independent Consultant kit, I quickly tore into the products to learn their uses, most of the time, on the spot. Who has time to practice in the kitchen? But we all can learn, and I in particular, have learned that my kitchen is quite inefficient. I’ve been using products that are around, just because they are around, and likely would never get rid of them until they will break or stop being useful. Those products are combined from my husband’s history and mine when we were single. They weren’t bought with a family in mind. And even some of those products were passed down from other people or we didn’t pick them ourselves. Out of all of the products in my kitchen the four that I bought from Pampered Chef in 2007 are still in use and still do their job (pizza cutter, pizza round stone, food chopper and mix and pour). I cannot say the same for many of our products.

A lightbulb went off in my head, and I was like ah-ha! Things could be 100% easier with the right tools for the job! 

So I’m eagerly receiving products as they ship in, handling the shipping delays with grace (because of the pandemic situation and 300% growth of Pampered Chef the past few months, shipping is delayed 7-8 weeks right now- not a long term thing) because I know once they arrive in my kitchen, they will be productive, useful and fun to use for years, likely decades Q4d7hC4dRoKfycrHnqjnsQto come.

My first party earned me $616.00 my first commission check ever in my life, because as a marketing professional I always rely on the paycheck and someone else deciding what my worth is with a salary. After not working full-time since late 2017, when I became pregnant with our daughter, seeing that check come in busting out at 24% commission (commission starts at 20%, to move up, sell more per month and get a higher commission), was such an awesome feeling, and no joke to see it in our direct deposit. Additionally since I was the Independent Consultant and the host at my launch party, I earned $565 in free products, 5 products at 50% off and one at 60% off and also on the sales side, won rewards- a cast iron pan set (10″ and 12″), a ceramic egg cooker and mini skinny scraper, an 8″ nonstick fry pan and two free full boxes of products when the Fall line launches. On top of that, I earned a rebate, already paid back to me, for the $159 I initially invested for my kit, which I am using every day anyway in my own kitchen. I mean wow. Net cost to get this business going after the rebate? Some stamps, labels and envelopes, an organizer and desk items rolled in at $150.

Nobody has ever given me so many rewards for helping to host a party and running a business. Nobody. 

I invite you to join me on my journey as I continue to learn and grow. It certainly is a JOYful time in my life, and the best part is I get to have that experience with our daughter who loves the kitchen and helping.

Hosting a party has never been easier! We all need a reason to have some fun shopping and spending time with the friends and family we love, even if it is at a distance. Please reach out to me to book your party and be on your way to getting products for free to upgrade your time in the kitchen. You deserve the best in there! Don’t need anything new, or want to contribute to a charity you love or community you support? Host a charity fundraiser. I love giving back too, and am happy to support you with that.

Here’s to bringing back the JOY in your kitchen!

My business online https://www.pamperedchef.com/pws/jmpelfini

My facebook VIP group https://www.facebook.com/groups/2459789464238390/

My website https://www.jennmariecuisine.com

My instagram IGTV https://www.instagram.com/jennmariecuisine/channel/

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