Because About One Year Ago…

First, oh my gosh, I cannot believe I started to write a blog in November about the “holidaze” and here we are in the middle of three since on our way to the forth- Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years… now Easter. That right there captures how life has taken me away to places I could not imagine. Life has definitely changed since March 2020.

Because about one year ago… (you knew this was coming) we were literally just beginning to reel in the reality that life would be completely changed, for a while. A year later, we are realizing that not unlike what 9/11 did to change our lives forever, COVID has changed our lives once again, forever. And not necessarily a good or bad forever, just a different forever. We adjusted to impossible changes after 9/11. Now they are just everyday a part of our lives. Same with COVID. Maybe not as dramatic as in the beginning, and yes, I’ll be the first to admit I sanitized my groceries for quite a few months when the pandemic unknowns were troubling to me. Not out of fear, out of what I believed to be (and still do) was taking the best care of my family. What you did, what I did, what you do, what I do, is dependent on your circumstances. For me it’s not up for debate, it’s your personal choice and comfort level. You do you, and what you believe is best for your family. But we all have learned to be mindful of others, whether they agree with us or not, people are to be respected and treated humanely. Period.

Fall 2020 earned products.

That being said, the major one best thing I did for my family a few months after the pandemic hit, was invest both in our kitchen and in myself. Who knew that attending my first virtual party with Pampered Chef would lead to a kitchen transformation I could not imagine. With the products I acquired ($565 in free from my first party still blows me away, but I just topped that in January with $950 in free and at this point I’m earning more hitting sales and promotion incentives regularly), I have provided my family with the best of myself in the kitchen. Truly with a mission of bringing JOY into the kitchen of many homes, it needed to flourish first in my own, and that it has. I can’t fathom how I did things before, because when the pandemic hit, I was miserable in the kitchen. Out of ideas, out of patience, out of time. I felt like a short order cook and a waitress. And if you know anything about me being a waitress let’s just say, it was a job I did to make money, not to enjoy. The kitchen to me, became a place to dread. Get through it, to get out of it. And that is coming from a person who loved to “gourmet” cook, albeit, every once in a while. My creativity and desire needed a boost.

So what changed? Yes, Pampered Chef products have no doubt improved my kitchen experience. I am more efficient and spend less time wasting time. What I am cooking on and with has markedly improved what I am delivering to the table. How I do things and why, makes more sense. I don’t do things that don’t make sense, most of the time.

Spring 2021 earned products.

For example I don’t spend time justifying why I should keep that useless, hard to use mandoline that I cut my fingers on too many times to count, then bought gloves to protect my fingers with, because I bought it thinking it would be “good enough”. Or “putting up” with the expensive blender that never, ever performed reliably to make a smoothie without having to play jam the tamper, because we spent way too much money on it, therefore we must keep it forever or until it breaks. Nor do I accept that things just burn for no particular reason, not because the pan is “done” with its use and has actually lost its ability to sear evenly. Every single item I’ve let go, donated or tossed had a purpose that either had been fulfilled or not, but it was time for me to move on. As I’ve replaced these products with new Pampered Chef items, my kitchen life is way less annoying and stressful. Most of the time it is JOYful.

I also stopped reading endless reviews of products and actually experienced them tested in a kitchen used by real families like mine, by real non-chefs like me. I stopped the daily crazy hunt of “what to make for dinner tonight” and relying on people I don’t know gauging sure success through the number of the reviews that boasted 5 stars, because I actually can go to a website where I know the dishes are tested, proven and made every day by real people in the kitchen. I educated myself on why things work and how, much like my fascination with Cook’s Illustrated was years ago, I wanted to understand why something could be better based on how. PS that translates also into, read the Use and Care on what’s in your kitchen. A difficult concept to wrap my mind around, but critically important in understanding the proper way to use and care for tools for long term results. I also cooked live many times, and really accepted (which I did know, but couldn’t really grasp the extent of ) is that cooking shows on TV have dozens of helpers, assistants and planners, to make it look “real” and yet pretty. Our kitchens will never measure up to that standard of perfection and fantasy. The more we strive for it, the more disappointed we will become. This is important to acknowledge and accept.

We are better positioned for success when success doesn’t look so unobtainable.

But if there was one thing that changed in me, it was the belief and truth that I could accomplish anything in the kitchen. I would not be hampered by “top brand” poorly-performing products or a lack of understanding and appreciation, if you will, about the importance of creating ease in your kitchen. I finally got it. Like I do inventory on our clothes, shoes, toys and books for my family, our kitchen deserved the same level of scrutiny. Yes, there are power tools for your kitchen, and if you don’t know what they are, work with me and we’ll have a good discussion about your knives to start. Because mine were the best, and after earning a new set (for free), I realized mine were not the best and creating more work and frustration for me at best.

Where I am today one year later, is cooking in a transformed functional kitchen. What I mean by that is I have updated, changed or upgraded every item in our kitchen. I have added and amplified what remained with helper products. For example, the addition of amazing utensils makes cooking in anything else, easier. I will say that I thought for years I was buying the best of everything. But now I see I was only guessing. As a Pampered Chef Independent Consultant (recently promoted to Director), I know that seeing is believing. And proof of that is in the 650 or so customers I’ve serviced, aligned to an incredibly insane return or lack of satisfaction rate. It is mind blowing to me, because I see the proof not only in my kitchen every day, but in so many of my guest and host clients. It makes a big difference what you use in the kitchen. Not because it costs more or looks better, because it performs the job you need it to do, well, consistently and without fail.

It makes a big difference what you use in the kitchen. Not because it costs more or looks better, because it performs the job you need it to do, well, consistently and without fail.

So if you ask me, what do you sell? Or you say, oh she’s just selling kitchen items I can get at Kohl’s or Amazon… I will say, allow me to educate you more about what I really do and how I can help you. I am in the business of kitchen transformation. I’m willing to bet there’s a product I can show, demonstrate or share with you that will bring you more JOY into your kitchen. I guarantee I can help you transform your kitchen to a happier place, whether you have a large or small kitchen, big or tiny budget. I got you.

Welcome to our kitchen!

Are you ready for some change in your kitchen? How about in what you do for income or maybe you are thinking about a side gig? I can share that with you too, because I have seen the change and power of believing in something and what it can do to transform your life. I don’t just sell kitchen items, I engage in the transformation of your kitchen and life experience. Are you ready for more? You got this!

Connect with me in any or all of these places. I look forward to sharing the kitchen with you!






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