I love to cook. Sometimes planned, sometimes not. I try and make whatever is in my kitchen work for me!

Cooking is a passion of mine, after watching my grandmother cook for years.

me and gram a long time ago…

She is truly my inspiration and spirit in the kitchen. After spending a few years and a lot of time, snapping pix, I thought to share in a different way. I’m not always an original. But often I take 5-8 recipes into consideration for ideas, and then Jennize it, making it a little more mine and as I progress I’m not using the recipe books so much anymore. I’ve learned from trial and error, and I’m definitely not afraid to try. I most often cook something original and tend not to repeat. Makes for interesting situations in the kitchen and often surprisingly good results!

When I first lived in SF in 2000 I started hosting themed dinner parties, inviting my closest friends where I’d cook up 6-8 dishes from scratch. Over time I’ve toned down a bit, but believe there is nothing better than homemade from your own kitchen and I challenge myself to make it on my own. As I get older I am really trying to avoid or minimize process foods as is reasonable.

in one of my tiny SF kitchens. made a lot happen in tiny spaces!

And while I started this blog at a time I was single living in SF in 2014, somewhere along the way I was lucky enough to find a love that enjoys my cooking just as much as he enjoys me. We both imagined and executed building our dream kitchen in his beautiful 1947 home just outside of SF. Soon after, we were engaged, and married, then we had a little girl and left that dream kitchen and home to pursue a new dream and life in Reno, Nevada. Now I’m enjoying teaching my little girl how much fun it is to be in the kitchen, beginning with providing her all the food variety she can experience from the start, and letting her participate and watch as I continue to enjoy creating for my family. No longer just cooking for one, on a regular basis, is a special kind of bliss!

experimenting with the instant pot, as less time in the kitchen means more time with my girl!
our girl’s first halloween!

Special thanks to my mother, who always inspires me to share my cooking stories, and encourages me to write a book someday. I think this is about as close as I’ll get so enjoy, mom.

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