Because About One Year Ago…

A year ago, I like everyone else, faced new challenges in every aspect of life. But where I landed has brought me to a more JOYful place.

Rejuvenating My Life

Rejuvenation means something different to everyone. For me it means reinventing who I am, now with being a mom in mind.

Meet your New Pampered Chef Consultant Connection

I decided to become a Pampered Chef consultant during the height of the cooking at home craze that is bringing families to the table more than ever, and I know this has created an opportunity for people around the world to get more creative in the kitchen.

Cooking My Way Through Shelter in Place

Cooking has become much more enjoyable and fun. And I think for sure it has brought my little family together at the table more. And that’s a benefit I could never have imagined because of SIP.

the real breakfast of champions- Vitamix smoothies

I’m obsessed with the Vitamix we’ve now had in our kitchen I think one month or so that we were easily sold on during the usual trip to Costco (how stuff gets into the basket and makes it home, I’ll never know). I’m a professional blow-out blender girl (kitchenaid, cuisinart, black-n-decker) so I’ve been dreaming…

risotto, beer, broth and bok choy

Because we still have SB beers around, my broth needs a purpose, and the bok choy needed to be used and I was craving risotto. Yes I know Bud Light probably isn’t the best option. Next time we’ll try Stella…  I can make risotto with my eyes closed I’ve made it so many different ways…

turkey meatloaf with kickin’ sauce 

My inspiration. Rain again. Wanting to make meatloaf since I realized last time around was two years ago. Sour dough bread around. Kickin’ sauce still available… Why not turkey loaf with kickin’ sauce? Of note, I’m not a fan of ketchup so using my own sauce instead is the plan. And since your own sauce…